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Plow body with elongated FLOOR SCREW BLADE PPO.9.30 / 45-310
Plow body with a semi SCREW BLADE PLP-01.000 (06.000-PLD)
Plough 8 case MOUNTED POWERFUL variable width PN-8-35U
Plough 5-hollow mounted PLN-5-35P (PLN-5-35P-2)
Plough 4 - hollow mounted PLN-4-35P (PLN-4-35P-2)
Plough 4-hollow mounted PLN-4-40
Plough 3 - hollow mounted PLN-3-35P
PLOUGH 6-hollow for stony ground PKM-6-40R variable width of base
PLOUGH 5-hollow for stony ground PKM-5-40R variable width of base
Plough 4-hollow mounted for stony ground PKMP-4-40R
Plough 3-hollow mounted PKMP-3-40R
Reversible plow 3-hollow mounted PON-3-40