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Self-propelled sprayer BL-3000M (with a 1750 mm clearance)

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    1.1 Technical characteristics




    1.2 Engine


    In-line turbocharged four-stroke engine with direct fuel injection


    D – 245

    Capacity, h.p.


    Number of cylinders


    Fuel tanks capacity,l


    1.3 Transmission


    Friction, one-disc, dry, permanently closed


    9/2 mechanical, multispeed


    Mechanical, doubling the number of gears

    Number of gears.: forth/back


    Driving speed, km/h:


    1,9-34, 3 / 4,1-9,2

    Specific fuel consumption (up to kg/hectare)


    Transport wheel


    1.4 Specific parameters

    Productivity during crop cultivation (with norms of spraying equal to 200 l/hectare), hectares per hour



    Operating speed, km/h


    Driving speed with empty tanks, km/h


    Operating width, m


    Main tank capacity, l

    Technological tank capacity, l




    Sprayer weight (without spray agent and  spare parts kit), kg

    5 500


    Size in operation position:

    -length, mm

    - width, mm

    - height, mm





    4 250


    Size in transport position



    Tracksize, mm

    2000 – 2400

    Clearance, mm

    1 750

    The rod’s mounting height regarding soil (regulated), mm



    The consumption of spray agent during spraying operations, l/hectare

    during surface fertilizer application, l/hectare





    Departure of the actual spraying norm from the desired


    ± 5

    Spray agent uneven distribution along the rod operating width, %


    ± 20

    Average mass median diameter of traces of drops (with spraying norm of 200 l/hectare), µm




    Covering of the cultivated area with drops per square cm



    Departure of the concentration of spray agent from the average concentration according to the tank capacity, %



    Working pressure, Mpa


    Number of sprayers


    Sprayers installation distance, mm


    Operating labour input of changing the spraying norm, persons/hour


    Total specific operational labour input of technical service,  persons/hour



    Operating labour input of putting the sprayer into the operation/transport position, persons/hour




    Uptime (according to operational time)


    Service life, years


    Number of support staff, persons

    1 (tractor driver)

    Mean-time between failures, hours


    Minimum turning radius, m


  • Self-propelled sprayer with a special rod, equipped with a full-floating system of contour following, with an option of forced slope. The rod’s stability is ensured with shock blockers.

    The machine is equipped with a disc service braking system and an independent parking brake.

    The size of the track is infinitely variable from 2000 to 2400 mm. The size of the clearance is up to 1350 mm. The rod’s mounting height (regarding soil) must be 700-2400 mm. The rod is equipped with three-position revolver sprayers (on stainless pipes) with setting intervals of 500 mm.

    The rod’s frame and chassis are protected with a three-layer polymer anticorrosion coating to prevent dirt from getting under the coating. The coating ensures the construction’s durability and resistance to adverse conditions.

    The sprayer is equipped with an ARAGBravo 180S computer that controls all the cultivation processes. A special software allows you to manage sections in accordance with the selected method, as well as sequentially manage a few sections or semi-rods.

    The navigation system allows you to manage the full covering of the cultivated area and prevents from the overlay of chemical applications.

    The sprayer’s hydraulic system ensures the continuous control of the rod’s kinematics.

    The management of all the sprayer’s systems is exercised from the cabin.

    Tank capacity is no more than 3000 l, system washing tank – 150 l, hand-washing tank – 20 l. The capacity of the mixer for preparing spray agent is no less than 30 l. The mixer is equipped with injection hydraulic agitations.

    All the tanks are made of fiberglass which ensures their maintainability, as well as high resistance to corrosion, mechanical and chemical stress.

    The sprayer is equipped with an ANNOVI REVERBERI AR-215 (Italy) diaphragm piston pump with capacity of 215 l/min. The consumption of spray agent during spraying operations is 100-400 l/hectare, during spraying liquid mineral fertilizers – 100-500 l/hectare.

    The sprayer’s basic package includes an on-board computer (navigator) with a software that allows to create a digital map of the cultivated area.

    The desired spraying rate is determined by the computer and does not depend on the sprayer’s driving speed.

    The sprayer’s operating system is equipped with a four-step spray agent filtration system, which ensures long-time work of the pump and the equipment.

    Capacity -  9.6-28, 8 hectares per hour;

    Driving speed during maintaining basic operations – 4-12 km/h;

    Operating width – 24 m;

    Spray agent uneven distribution on the rod operating width – no more than 10%;

    Covering of the cultivated area with drops – no less than 30 drops per square cm;

    Number of qualified workers needed to operate the machine – 1;

    24-month guarantee.

    The sprayer in its basic package is equipped with:


     Bondioli @ Paveri hydrodistributor and remote control;

    ARAG revolver three-position body, sprayer (nominal size 02,03,04)

    ANNOVI  REVERBERI AR 215 diaphragm piston pump;


    Coal filter;

    ARAGBravo 180S on-board computer;

    Mixer for preparing spray agent – 30 l;

    Navigation receiver.

    Additional equipment at an extra cost ;

    - autonomous pump to fill tanks with water from various sources;


    Explanatory notes
    1.AR-215 pump allows to operate sustainably with the norms of spraying and speeds as follows:

    Grey nozzles

    Red nozzles

    Blue nozzles

    500 l/hectare - 7 km/h
    400 l/hectare  - 9 km/h
    300 l/hectare  - 12 km/h
    200 l/hectare  - 16 km/h

    300 l/hectare  – 8 km/h

    200 l/hectare  – 12 km/h

    150 l/hectare  – 16 km/h

    200 l/hectare  – 10 km/h

    150 l/hectare  – 12 km/h

    100 l/hectare  – 16 km/h

    2. The tank capacity is selected so that the machine could operate sustainably with full tanks at the slope, at loose soils;  self-propelled spraying unit capacity is limited to 65 kW/h.p. 
    3. The amortization system of vertical vibrations consists of two parts:
    - sprung back semi-frame with an amortization system;

    - a rod’s amortization system (two shock absorbers with springs) 
    Horizontal vibrations are extinguished with:
    - parallelogram shock absorbers with chain limiters; 
    - a rod’s amortization system;
    - installation of the back portal on the horizontal axis of oscillation
    Also, side sections have cable fastening that helps to extinguish horizontal vibrations