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Общество с ограниченно ответственностью "Блюминг" основанное в 1995 является белорусским производителем и поставщиком дорожно-строительной, коммунальной и сельскохозяйственной техники. Компания успешно присутствует и развивается на рынке уже более 21 года. В своей деятельности наша компания зарекомендовала себя серьезным и надежным партнером. Продукция компании эффективно применяется в: сельском хозяйстве, коммунальной и строительной отраслях.
ул. Короля 9/9
+375(17)228-10-25 +375(17)226-85-35
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  • Specifications

    Carrying capacity, kg300
    Heightof service, m7
    The size of the workingplatform, 1x2m2
    The hydraulic actuator

  • Platform mounted BL-06 is a technical means for mechanization of a wide range of activities and tasks. Platform is an indispensable aid in carrying out construction and dismantling works. Technical means can be used to solve everyday problems in agriculture, to facilitate the work of utilities, maintenance and other services for the purpose of repair, maintenance works of industrial and residential buildings, structures and facilities.
    Platform mounted BL-06 is ideally suited as an additional means of aggregation for different models of special equipment, including tractors. To install the platform on the base tractor used his STS. To ease working with the platform, and adjust its position using an hydraulic actuator.
    For ease of operation and use of serviced sites, the hinged platform SL-06 has a working area of 2 m2, in which the platform can withstand loads up to 300 kg. the Special design of the platform allows the lifting height to 5.5 m, To ensure sustainability and reliability of performance of works at height design of the platform is equipped with 3 adjustable legs that provide a strong fixation of the platform.
    A distinctive feature of the hinged platform SL-06 is the ease and simplicity of its use and maintenance. Hydraulic system enables the considered model of the platform to withstand severe loads and to carry out work in various temperature conditions. These features make the hinged platform SL-06 indispensable throughout the year.