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Low profile cab for tractor

Общество с ограниченно ответственностью "Блюминг" основанное в 1995 является белорусским производителем и поставщиком дорожно-строительной, коммунальной и сельскохозяйственной техники. Компания успешно присутствует и развивается на рынке уже более 21 года. В своей деятельности наша компания зарекомендовала себя серьезным и надежным партнером. Продукция компании эффективно применяется в: сельском хозяйстве, коммунальной и строительной отраслях.
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  • The proposed low profile cabs for tractors "Belarus" 800 and 900 series (MTZ-820/ 920) with right-side gearbox with a Central gear shifting and two instrument panel for 70-th and 80-th series tractors ( MTZ-80/82). The height of the tractor with this cab does not exceed 2550 mm on the wheels 16.9R38.
    1. The frame of the cab – six rack of profile pipes 50x50
    2. The cab roof – metal sheet 1.2 mm is opened in the back of the cab for natural ventilation.
    3. Cabin doors equipped with locks with double locking and blocking to open inside the cabin. Have the locking mechanism in the open position.
    4. Rear frame opening with locking mechanism in the open position.
    5. Wings cabs – metal sheet 1.2 mm with amplifiers to increase the strength under excessive vertical loads. Equipped with mudguards.
    6. The cockpit glazing – tempered 5 mm glass in rubber sealer.
    7. Sealing of the cabin doorways opening cab sealed with a rubber reinforced profile and the sealing silicone sealant in place of possible penetration of moisture and dust in the cab interior.
    All welds coated with a special sealant for sealing of the cab.
    8. Vibration isolation – floor niches and cubicles covered with 2 mm thick anti-vibration material based on bitumen.
    9. Upholstery cab – MDF covered with 10 mm layer of foam and covered viniliskozhej.
    10. Wipers – front electric. Back to manual drive.
    11. Electrical equipment – a complete set of wire harnesses in the cab, the roof and the battery compartment with the laying of a power cable to the starter. Working front and rear lights, the lights of a train. Front and rear dimensions. Disconnect switch, control buttons and light cabin.
    12. Runing cabin is located on the left side of the cab.
    13. The control panel is located on the right side. All the openings on the location and fastening of the management bodies fully correspond to its counterpart.
    14. Cab mirrors two mirrors located on the front cab wall.
    15. Operator's seat – no suspension with reduced TOC.
    16. Controls – all controls and steering column and instrument panel depending on the agreed configuration. Ability to work on customer-owned equipment under the supply contract.
    17. Cab heating heater is located in the lower right corner of the cab.
    18. Installation and dismantling – equipped places for Assembly and disassembly of the cab.

    • Any cab depending on Your wishes and technical requirements to the products supplied.
    To create a new look of the cab was bent to the front wall of the cab with the use of Austrian profile for gluing in windshields.
    The roof and wings of the cabin are made of glass fibre reinforced composite materials.
    In the interior of the cabin will be used plastic materials of ABS plastic produced by the method of vacuum molding.
    All sheet parts are manufactured with laser cutting and bending in accordance with the developed 3-D models.
    Six rack-mount frame, rear view mirrors, running boards, working lights/lamps, complete wiring on the roof and cab front and rear wipers, locks with double locking and blocking to open inside the cabin, the skirt panel of the instrument panel, rubber floor covering, fenders with mudguards, a soft sound absorbing interior trim, sliding rear frame with fixing mechanism in the open position, opening a metal roof with ceiling lighting and keyboard control, suspension seat mechanism to adjust the weight of the operator.
    Heater control levers and dashboard instruments are installed by the customer.