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Mini-tractor Bl-380

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Mini-tractor Bl-380

  • Model

    BL -380 mini tractor


    CE / ISO9000




    14.9 kW. (20 hp) at 3600 rev / min



    Control system

    hydraulic, joystick control

    Hydraulic system pressure

    17.0 MPa

    Fuel tank capacity

    21 liter

    Noise level

    less than 95 dB

    Cycle time

    4.27 from loading . ; Reset to 1.34 . , Unloading 3.31 seconds

    Bucket Capacity 

    200 lbs


    0.15m ³

    Maximum weight for the blade

    550 kg

    Maximum weight lifting

    375 kg

    Maximum speed

    5.5 km / h


    940 kg


    Standard 21x8.00-10TR, optionally, lawn tires , skinny tires




  • Robust design :


    Piston type hydraulic machine provides greater torque and all-wheel drive allows the machine to work in a variety of landscapes. Safe , lightweight , shock-resistant platform allows the machine easily to overcome any upgrades.


    Multifunctionality :


    You can choose more than 20 types of attachments for mini tractors . Attachments has a simple and clear system of attachment , which allows you quickly to switch from one task to another. They are designed for a wide range of works from garden landscaping to work in heavy industries.


    Ease of maintenance :


    If you have to serve minitractor yourself - it does not take much . When draining the engine oil does not need to crawl under the car , the hole is on the side mini truck in easily accessible place during repairs oil will not be wasted and will not pollute your workspace . For replacement parts upper lid opens easily with a radiator and minimizes maintenance time . There are always plenty of available spare parts, which will not allow technique is simple . The reliable chain drive is too much trouble to repair and last a long time.


    Easy to transport :


    Tractor BL -380 can be transported by car trailer. Trailer can be adapted to the size of loading and loading conditions . Mounting bracket on the trailer is also a versatile and adapts to any mount.




    - Maximum height -  2115 mm

    - Dump height:  - 1460mm

    - The distance from the wheels to bucket:  - 185 mm

    - Mini tractor height  - 1205 mm

    - Overall length with bucket - 2206 mm

    - Overall length without bucket - 1752 mm

    - Bucket width - 980 mm

    - Distance till the bucket - 388 mm

    - Overall width over tires - 1033 mm

    - Ground clearance - 90 mm

    - Dump angle at full height - 30 °

    - The maximum angle of the bucket from the ground - 25 °

    - Turning radius - 1307 mm

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