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High-clearance tractor BL-1500

Общество с ограниченно ответственностью "Блюминг" основанное в 1995 является белорусским производителем и поставщиком дорожно-строительной, коммунальной и сельскохозяйственной техники. Компания успешно присутствует и развивается на рынке уже более 21 года. В своей деятельности наша компания зарекомендовала себя серьезным и надежным партнером. Продукция компании эффективно применяется в: сельском хозяйстве, коммунальной и строительной отраслях.
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  • Bluming Co. Ltd, (Belarus, Minsk) offers a high-clearance tractor BL-1500 with a self-propelled high-clearance chassis with a set of replaceable modules for performing a wide range of technological operations in ornamental tree nurseries and fruit tree nurseries, such as:

           Interspace soil cultivation;

           Interspace soil rotary cultivation;

           Continuous tree spraying;

           Undertree herbicide treatment.

    The high-clearance tractor is designed, patented and produced by Bluming Co., Ltd. for performing a wide range of agrotechnical operations with high crops.

    This machine is designed to use in case of need for a large agrotechnical clearance, e.g. in forest and garden nurseries, tea plantations, cotton and tobacco plantations etc.


    The machine has a module base: the lower module (a high-clearance platform with for four equal wheels and a chain transmission system) serves as a chassis, on which the power module with a control post (a wheel tractor with 1,4 tractive force and a dismantled front axle and back driving wheels) has been installed.

    The upper and lower modules are connected with screws, the output shifts of the back driving axle are cinematically connected to the driving wheels of the chain reducers.

    The machine is steering through the rotation of the front vertical stands of the lower module about their own axes with the help of the tractor steering.

    The value of the clearance and the track are determined according to the parameters of the lower module and may be selected in accordance with the agrotechnical requirements for the specific operation conditions.

    The machine has its classical back hydro-controlled mounted system and is additionally equipped with a front mounted parallelogram-type hinge mechanism of agricultural implements.

    So the machine still saves all the parameters and functions of a wheel tractor with a 1,4 tractive force and at the same time can perform operations with high crops (up to 1,5 meters high) without hurting them.