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Backhoe bulldozer EP-F-B

Общество с ограниченно ответственностью "Блюминг" основанное в 1995 является белорусским производителем и поставщиком дорожно-строительной, коммунальной и сельскохозяйственной техники. Компания успешно присутствует и развивается на рынке уже более 21 года. В своей деятельности наша компания зарекомендовала себя серьезным и надежным партнером. Продукция компании эффективно применяется в: сельском хозяйстве, коммунальной и строительной отраслях.
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Excavator EP-B-F is designed for various works on all types of soil. It is used for laying gas and water pipes, various communications, laying power lines, etc.

  • Name


    Base tractor

    Tractor MTZ 



    Engine power, kW (hp)

    60 (81)

    Working bodies management


    Weight with bucket and blade, kg


    Loading equipment


    Type of equipment


    Nominal capacity of the loading bucket , cub

    0,18 (0,25 possible)

    Maximum digging depth, mm


    Maximum digging radius, mm


    Rotation angle of excavating equipment angle in terms, degr


    Maximum unloading height, mm


    Bucket width, mm


    Digging radius at ground level, mm




    Blade widtht, mm


    Blade height, mm


    Lowering dozer  lower surface of the blade wheels, mm


    Maximum discharge height of the bucket at an angle of unloading 45 °, mm


    Tipping load at maximum outreach, kN (kgf)

    15,0 (1500)

    Breakout force exerted by the bucket cylinder, kN (kgf)

    11,6 (1180) 

  • Its components:

    1. Excavator-mounted equipment;

    2. Dozer.

    The first device is a bucket like "backhoe". It works by means of a mounted hydraulic system of the tractor. Bucket working requires hydraulic stops, which are available in this model. Second element of EP-F-B   works in filling up pits, as well as various tranches, planning platforms, etc. Performance spesifications can be expanded by installing permanent equipment, which allows  to assign different removable bodies.

    The advantages of this model are ease of use and durability of this equipment. Affordable prices, both on the device itself and on the accessories and spare parts for it, wish all make the EP-F-B  available to purchase for customers from various sectors of activity. The versatility of the equipment allows to use it in different contexts and irrespective of temperature fluctuations, which attracts buyers not only from CIS countries and abroad.

    Additional removable parts of this equipment can be:
    1. Grab bucket
    2. Grab forks
    3. Standard bucket (V = 0,25 m)
    4. Narrow bucket (V = 0,13 cubic meters)
    5. Hammer


    Grab forks


    Working volume, cubic meters - 0.5
    Lifting height, m ​​- 3.6
    Dumping height, m ​​- 2.6
    Unloading boom, m - 0.7
    Rated capacity, m - 1.0


    Grab bucket

    Working volume, cubic meters - 0.5

    Lifting height, m ​​- 3.6
    Dumping height, m ​​- 2.6
    Unloading boom, m - 0.7
    Rated capacity, m - 1.0



    Effective power, kW. - 3,66-5,08
    Single impact energy, kJ. - 1,22-0,2
    The frequency of attacks, blow/ min - 180
    The initial gas pressure in the accumulator, MPa. - 0.9 + 0.1
    The weight of the hammer, kg. - 30+ 3
    Operating weight, kg. - 310
    Height mm. - 1 890 + 80
    Toolbox - Klin, Trumbo range, peak


    Standard bucket V=0,25 m

    Rated capacity of the bucket, м3 - 0,25

    Trench width with a nominal bucket, mm - 600


    Narrow bucket V=0,13 cub metres

    Bucket’s rated capacity,m3 - 0.13

    Trench width with a nominal bucket, mm - 300




  • Backhoe bulldozer EP-F-B